Hello and welcome to my first post on DJ DIY! I have lots and lots of cuticle oils to try, so I thought I would pick one specific scent and brand each week and give a detailed review at the end of the week. Since it is already a Saturday, I will share with you what I have been using this week:

Sunny’s Body Products Cuticle Oil in Cola


I decanted this oil into a brush tip pen, but it comes in a roller. I ordered a few of her samplers and got many to choose from in the 5ml size. I had an issue with some of the plastic bottles cracking due to the temperature change (thanks a lot, Winter!) and she was such a sweetheart to send me some replacements (another reason for the decanting)! Top notch customer service and top notch products 🙂


The nail oil itself smells like sweet, spicy gummy cola candy with a hint of lime-y citrus. I’m in love! The only downside is a get a hankering for the gummy treats or an ice cold glass of cola whenever I use this oil.


This oil was a winner. Thick enough to stay put, but thin enough to get into the cuticle and around the edges and underside of the nail. It minimizes hangnails and small dry patches in about 20 to 30 minutes and it soaks in pretty quickly so there isn’t much worry with oil transfer.

Overall Rating

All in all I give this one a 10/10 and strongly encourage you to try some Sunny’s products of your own. She has lip jelly, lip balm, cuticle balm, cuticle oils, lotions and more all in a variety of sizes!

How To Buy

You can visit her store at http://www.365daysofcolorpolishes.com to order. Visit her Instagram page @sunnysbodyproducts or browse images from satisfied customers like me by using the hashtags #sunnysbodyproducts and #sunnysaddicts

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day (and if you celebrate, Happy Christmas Eve or Hanukkah)! Stay toasty 🙂