I am a huge fan of holographic everything! Already loving nail polish and watching SimplyNailogical’s videos are what got me started. 

There are 2 main kinds of holographic nail polish: Linear and Scattered

Linear holographic polish has holographic pigment in a clear or colored jelly base. Pigment is a very fine powder that mixes with the base polish smoothly while glitter mixed in will mean the polish is a bit more bumpy and possibly uneven because the plastic glitter particles can never blend in as smoothly as the pigment powder. 

This is the most traditional polish that comes to mind when you mention “holographic” and when you see foil printed items on paper, it is the same style of finish. 

The pigment is so small and fine that it will get oriented relatively uniformly so each section of the nail will react the same way to the light and rainbows will reflect in lines (why it is called linear). There can also be holographic glitter mixed in with the holographic pigment, but it is not too common. 

Linear holographic polish is very smooth and uniform. Some brands like Superchic Lacquer only require one coat for full and even coverage

Scattered holographic polish has small and/or large holographic glitter pieces through either a clear, colored cream, colored jelly, or colored metallic base. 

These types of polishes are the best for when you want to have a colored polish with just a hint of sparkle. Since the glitter is not uniformly distributed, every time you move your hand, the light may catch another piece of glitter and make it sparkle. 

I have included in focus and blurred photos to show the holographic glitter as it comes across in person. 

There are many other types of nail polish finishes. I will be writing a second post that will include others like cream, jelly, frost, and more! 

Have a wonderful day!