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My Nail Care Routine

This is my post about my basic nail care routine. In it I will go over a list of tools I use and how to care for your hands and nails to make sure they grow strong and healthy! Keep... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Holographic Nail Polish

I am a huge fan of holographic everything! Already loving nail polish and watching SimplyNailogical's videos are what got me started.  There are 2 main kinds of holographic nail polish: Linear and Scattered.  Linear holographic polish has holographic pigment in... Continue Reading →

Crochet Tutorial – Foundation Single Crochet (FSC)

Sometimes there are patterns that call for a foundation single crochet (FSC) row to start the project. I had no idea how to do the FSC row and would either attempt to do 2 rows of single crochet or give... Continue Reading →

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